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Chilli Books

Below is a series of reviews we have put together on some of the hottest chilli books out there.

The Complete Chilli Pepper Book: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing, Preserving, and Cooking: by Dave De Witt

The Complete Chilli Pepper Book

Dave Dee Witt is one of the worlds authorities on chillies. In this book you can find virtually all of the information you would ever hope to find about over 100 of the worlds most common varieties of chilli. Dave DeWitt has written over 30 books on chillies, this being one of the most in depth and interesting.

In addition this book gives some great detailed detailed information about growing chillies, how to avoid and treat various pests and diseases you may encounter in your chilli garden as well as some interesting tips to help you maximize the yield from your chilli plants.

There is also a great section containing 85 beautiful chilli recipes carefully put together to get the best flavor (not just heat) out of the different varieties of chilli mentioned in the book. In our opinion this book is worth it for these recipes alone. There are also some great stories and anecdotes throughout the book including the story of the worlds hottest chilli (The Bhut Jolokia Chilli).

This book is definitely the hottest chilli book we have reviewed to date. BUY IT HERE!

The Hot Book of Chillies: by David Floyd

The Hot Book of Chillies

This book serves as a companion that will guide you by the hand into the world of the humble chilli pepper. The book is broken down into sections that explains the history and origins of chillies, health benefits, preserving techniques and different ways to use them in the kitchen.

The best thing we found about this book is the large section that details over 100 of the most common varieties of chilli out there. There are some great illustration and tips to help identify different varieties. To top it off there is also a small section with some nice chilli recipes with some great salsas, sauces and chutneys to enable yo to make some great condiments with your chilli crop.

While this book may not be the most in depth ig gives a great overview of the many different areas of chillies that any chilli head would be interested in. Particularly good for someone who has just recently caught the chilli bug! BUY IT HERE!

The Great Chile Book: by Mark Miller

The Great Chilli Book

This book could almost be described as chilli porn! While the two books above provide in depth details, discussion and advice about all sorts of chilli peppers this 160 page book satisfies on a more visual level.

The Great Chile Book introduces over 90 varieties of chilli pepper, giving each a clear profile, taste description and heat rating. The most appealing part of this book however is the pictures. All the varieties are accompanied by amazingly vibrant photographs allowing you to easily identify your crop.

This book makes a great present and is equally at home either on the coffee table for it’s stunning photogrpahs or in the kitchen to be used as a reference book when cooking with your crop of chillies. BUY IT HERE!