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Growing Guides

We’ve put together a series of our most popular articles to help you grow healthy chilli plants. With the help of the below articles you should have all of the information you need to help you source chilli seeds, grow your plants, ward off pests and disease, harvest chilli peppers and even store your crop for use throughout the winter.

Growing Guide

This is our definitive guide to growing chilli plants. It provides a step by step guide to all the stages you’ll need to go through from selecting and planting seeds, right up until you harvest your home grown chillies.

Pest & Diseases

Unless you are very lucky indeed there is a fairly high chance your chilli plants may encounter some form of pests or disease. Luckily this isn’t as bad as it sounds and most problems are ones you’ll face with all types of vegetable growing. Our pests and diseases article runs down many of the common problems your plants may develop. For more specific advice take a look at these resources on combating slugs and snails or dealing with aphid attacks.

Chilli Gro Lights

We keep saying it but the key to growing healthy chilli plants is to give them lots of light. Many growers supplement natural light in order to get the maximum growth from their chilli plants. You can just do this early in the season using cheap household lights (like we do) or you can go the whole hog and use purpose built gro lights to potentially get huge harvests all year round. Read more about chilli lights.

Over Wintering

A common misconception is that chilli plants are annuals. Too many chilli gardeners throw away their pepper plants at the end of the autumn thinking that they have served their purpose and will die off over the winter. With just a little luck and the invaluable advice from our overwintering article you should be able to get most of your chilli plants through the winter giving you larger, stronger plants next year.

Here is our definitive guide to over wintering chilli plants.


Growing your chilli plants in a liquid matter with a precise balance of nutrients and minerals (instead of compost) can produce outstanding growth rates and monster harvest of peppers. Take a look at our hydroponics guide here.

Chilli Pepper Seeds

Selecting the right chilli seeds to use and the initial germination are perhaps two of the most important factors in chilli growing. Our chilli seeds article gives you all the information you need to know about where to buy seeds, how to save your own and some great tips to germinating seeds.

Growing Bell Peppers

We get a lot of emails and questions from readers wanting to know if they need to treat their sweet peppers any different form their hot chilli peppers. We’ve created a specific guide to growing bell peppers to try to help answer some of these questions.