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Chili Grinder – Spice Up Your Dining Table

A couple of years ago my sister gave us a chilli grinder. I’m not sure where she got it but it was essentially a clear pepper mill that was filled with dried chilli flakes. We simply leave it on the dining table alongside the salt and pepper as we tend to spice most of our food up.

Every time we have people over for dinner they always spot the chili grinder say how cool it is then ask where they can get one. Well after a bit of digging around it seems you can buy ready made and filled chilli mills on amazon.

Another option to consider if you want a chili grinder is to make your own mill/grinder. All you need is a clear pepper mill and some dried chili flakes. Simply take an empty pepper mill and fill it with chilli flakes and you have your very own chilli mill.

You can buy the chilli flakes ready made however this can be an expensive option as they are usually sold in small quantities. As a result is usually works out much more efficient to make your own chilli flakes from either home grown chillies or shop bought dried chillies. If you you want to make your own flakes from home grown chillies you can find out how on our preserving chillies page. Alternatively you can buy dried chillies very cheaply and turn them to flakes yourself.

Making your own chilli flakes is extremely easy. You could use a pestle and mortar to bash up your dried chillies but be warned this can release chilli fumes that will result in you burning your eyes. A much easier way is to get hold of a bladed coffee grinder and use this to pulse your dried peppers into flakes. You should either buy a dedicated grinder to use for chillies or use an old one that will no longer be used to make coffee for obvious reasons.

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